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Tuesday, May 17, 2011




STOP LOSS 1.4145

BUY : 1.4166


TAKE PROFIT: 1.4186 for scalper--------=positive
TAKE PROFIT: 1.4203 normal trading---= positive
TAKE PROFIT: 1.4227 advance Trading-= positive
So far 61 pips had been achieved
TAKE PROFIT 1.4264 aggressive trading=



BUY : 1.6201

TAKE PROFIT: 1.6221 for scalper----------= positive
TAKE PROFIT: 1.6230 normal trading-----= positive
TAKE PROFIT: 1.6247 advance Trading--= positive
TAKEPROFIT 1.6276 aggressive trading-= positive

STOP LOSS :81.0189

BUY :811911

TAKE PROFIT:81.4424 for scalper---------= positive
TAKE PROFIT:81.6424 normal trading-----= positive
TAKE PROFIT:81.9211 advance Trading--=
TAKE PROFIT:82.2723 aggressive trading=



BUY :0.8853
TAKE PROFIT:0.8865 for scalper---------= positive
TAKE PROFIT:0.8869 normal trading----= positive
TAKE PROFIT:0.8878 Advance Trading-= positive
TAKE PROFIT:0.8894 aggressive trading=

Various take points are given above. Just take any one of your choice, and leave the rest. Greediness in forex trading is like poisonous in the blood veins, please don’t be greedy.

Please, watch out; if the markets go contrary, quit the market IMMEDIATELY; to ensure money management is employed. If you lose small amount, it is better than losing BIG amount; or 5 trades as it may imply, at the end of the targeted point, which has shown contrary movement from the early stage.

The advice below is for those who have larger heart and enough money in their account, if otherwise, please go for one trade at time daily.

If you want to go for scalp, take profit at scalping pegs. For scalper you can enter 5 trades if you have enough money to enter 5 trades at the same time. This is to make 100 pips per day, which equals $1000 daily

If you are going for normal trading, do not attempt multiple entries at all, at this trade, this trade will fetch you up to $460 daily. Somebody wrote me that he traded the normal signal but his profit was not up to $460, this was as a result of the type of leverage you selected. For instance if you selected ratio 1:100 your profit for the normal trade will be $460 divided by 100; which will give you $46 proportionally.

For day trading, go for advance trade. Never attempt multiple entries. It is not advisable.

Observation: you can see that most of the signals given since we began had yielded profits, and percentage of our success averagely is calculated to be 80%, This is a good grading. Go to the archive and check it out. Success is guaranteed if you can copy us as we do it here; especially on scalping had been 99% when calculated. Is this not worth emulating?

For over 20 working days our signals had been coming out, we observed that only 2 days out of the 20 days our prediction came negative. The calculation of the successful days was 90%. This is remarkable achievement.

We will continue to give this free signal for the next 10 working days free. And thereafter, we will only give free signal on only one currency seldom. But if you need our signals effective after fourteen working days you will need to subscribe in the “PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ME” box.

Comments are welcomed from visitors to this web-log.

Thanks for your patronage and comment

Have successful trading.

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