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Monday, August 1, 2011


Most new advents traders more especially on forex trading castigate themselves as failures when they trade one two times and fail. The result not to trade any longer, in that they are frustrated in single or two trades. Anyone who could be called traders should not allow self condemnation to be a retardation in making further trading as self castigation retard growth in any businesses. Once you have the concept that you must gain in every trade you make, then the fall of such trader is at sight. Go within and diasporas you will find out that most successful traders had many losses before they get to where they are today. Mallam Dangote a successfull business tycoon in Nigeria was quoted that his first trade was with shortage, similarly the second trade ended at loss. He decided to call it a quit, but along the line, he was advised by a seasoned businessman that he should not expect profits in all his endeavors, but, both combination of profit and loss will sustain any business and that is why most businesses survive till now. All you need do is sit down and check within yourself what caused the shortage and go back to a drawing board to correct the anomalies; then start allover again.

Another example of what the seasoned businessman said; is what is being experienced in most manufacturing companies today, is that, profit made on every production is minimal when compared with what an individual could invest in such business, in other words, the profit margin is very low, but constant and continued production in larger volumes rathern smaller volume of an individual enable the manufacturers to declare good dividends at the end of the year.

Manufacturers, do surfer loss on most productions. These are traced to where imported materials capsized, disappeared on high seas or at the airports through sea pirates, ports or wharfs rats. Even finished in products in warehouses, and in transit are vandalized, mishap from accident and fire gutted cost manufacturers million of their investments. If this true, why not you as an individual should be exempted

This motivational article is written to encourage all trades, not to retreat nor surrender on many or few losses until they have fought, and conquered the art of trading. Remember the Country you are now was not like this 50 years back, most roads, buildings and factories were not existing then, but today they are, so is ever trade, it will continue to grow as far you do not relent, The basic thing in trading is not be anxious for overnight riches. It will come gradually as long as you continue to trade daily.

Thanks for reading through this piece

Akinnuoye Oladotun Williams
Chief Executive Officer

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