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Friday, September 9, 2011


Forex Traders are jealously guided and guarded by this web-log. The market was on the contrary earlier than expected yesterday. Today is Friday, we are not taking this trade. But for those who keen in going to the market; . Forex Dealers should look out to go LONG for now with EUR/USD STOP LOSS @....1.3871 BUYING @...............1.3913 @ stage I, TAKE PROFIT: 1.3933………scalping trading= @ stage II, TAKE PROFIT: 1.3950………normal trading= @ stage III, TAKE PROFIT: 1.3970………advance Trading= @ stage IV, TAKE PROFIT: 1.4000...........aggressive trading= YOU MAY GO FOR STAGE I ONLY TO BE ON SAFER SIDE; YOU MAY MULTIPLY BY 5 BY INCRESING YOU LOT/VOLUME/SIZE BY 5.IF YOU HAVE ENOUGH FUNDS Other signals on JPY/USD, USD/CHF, EUR/JPY, and GBP/USD are available to THOSE WHO SUBSCRIBED, through “RUSH ME THE FOREX SIGNALS” box! Thanks for your understanding and patronage PSS” Local Time of Publication : 07.08 GMT TERMS OF SERVICE Please see our previous pub;ications for TOS. It is applicable to all predictions on this web-log

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