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Thursday, December 1, 2011

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1ST 2011 -20 pips target was achieved yesterday

We are fully disturbed when some gurus advertised to us that they made 300 pips in a day when the candle charts movement did not exceed 70 pips for the whole 24 hours of the day, and many newbies are carried away with such claims by buying the so called robot from them, no Jupiter can obtain 300 pips on such days. What they do is that they multiply the volumes /sizes /lots, on the software, but the side effect of these robots is that they work for a while and fail. The resultant of which drains the hard earned currencies. Fellow traders, do not allow yourselves to be preys of the gurus. That is why this blog guards and guides you on how to trade forex daily; and if you observe our predictions, for a whole or week or a month or a year if we are up to that online, we had over 70% successful predictions that came true, is this not a fair deal? No traders, irrespective of any trades, can boast that s/he will not incur loss. If that is a factual, why not stay glue to our predictions and if possible subscribe. We will work to improve the subscription tab shortly, we received complaints from most of our subscribers, we thank those who gave us this info.

What you need to do to get 300 pips or more in a day within a short period and quite the market are taught by this journal everyday, that is why we keep repeating the formula daily on this web, don't be bored in reading through the long epistle if you a a visitor to this site. It teaches sense. Before you will reach the paragraph that teaches on how to make 300 pips or more; let me quickly remind you that what you need do is INCREASE YOUR LOTS / VOLUMES / SIZES. Asuming you go for stage 1 which gives you 20 pips. Multiply by 10, which gives you 200 pips and place two trades, the resultant of which is 400 pips. But be warned, if the predictions fail. You loose both way. So it is better not to be greedy or follow the foot steps of those gurus claiming 300 pips in day when the movement does not exceed 70 pip/24 hours. This depends on how well you funded you account, else it is not practicable.

Now let's go for today's business, Forex traders are to go DOWN for now:-

STOP LOSS @....1.3465
SELLING @...............1.3447

@ stage I, TAKE PROFIT: 1.3427………scalping trading
@ stage II, TAKE PROFIT: 1.3421………normal trading
@ stage III, TAKE PROFIT: 1.3404………advance Trading
@ stage IV, TAKE PROFIT :1.3377...........aggressive trading

In response to correspondence received form majority of our subscribers, we need to explain that the STAGE I to IV are the trades you can take; If you take stage 1, you may not take stage II except you have enough funds in your account.
We need to explain further that those taking “advance trading” may increase their stop loss by 5 pips, if they so desire.  For example, if stop loss is fixed for 1.4250 when “buying”, it may be adjusted to 1.4245 and when selling, it will become 1.4255; and, when you wish to take the advance trade on buying, the stop loss will become 1.4245, while “selling” stop loss may be adjusted to 1.4255.  The same way the aggressive traders may increase their stop loss as well either way.  But we have peg the stop as at above to safe your funds in case the market does not favor.
We observed that most stop loss predicted do not allow us to get up to 100 pips in a single trade, the purpose of limited stop loss is to ensure you have a good fund management at all times. If you are using 0.10 as your lots/volume or size, you may increase your lots from 0.10 provided there is enough funds in your account from 0.10 to 0.50. And if you are using 1.00, you are free to increase the lots to 5.00; It is pertinent to warn that, this size increment depends on fund to take a single trade and multiplying it by 5.  If you have limited funds, go for stage 1 only, which gives you 20 pips and multiply it by 5, by changing size/volume/lots as described above and place your trade, The resultant will give you 100 pips profits when it hits the targeted value.  This is sure way to hit 100 pips on time and get out of trade immediately.  Mind you, if the trade goes the other way, you loose 100 pips cost as well.  So be mindful of this paragraph. IN OTHER WORDS,YOU MAY GO FOR STAGE I ONLY, TO BE ON SAFER SIDE; YOU MAY MULTIPLY BY 5 BY INCREASING YOUR LOT/VOLUME/SIZE BY 5, IF YOU HAVE ENOUGH FUNDS. Use your discretion
 Other signals on any other major currencies are available to our subscribers.

It is not mandatory that you place ALL THE STAGES OF TRADES STATED ABOVE at the same time, just pick one and place your trade. Assuming, you did not meet the market at figures stated above, We have advised that; at any point you meet the market, place a trade or two, you still make profit, no matter how. Just make sure you do not forget to place STOP LOSS, this is very paramount.

Other signals on JPY/USD, USD/CHF, EUR/JPY, and GBP/USD are available to THOSE WHO SUBSCRIBED, through “RUSH ME THE FOREX SIGNALS” box!

I wish you successful trades.

We appreciate your patronage and understanding.

PSS” Local Time of Publication : 08. 22 GMT
Market Watch @ :10.22 hours

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