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Monday, October 10, 2011


Congratulations to our predictions users, enthusiasic fans and subscribers.

Forex Traders had a field day today, unlike some few days back.

The Forex Trend shown North Bound early this morning and it wen Long as predicted. Unlike few days back when there were dicey movements of the trends.

The Non Farm Payroll release was not too favorable to most Forex dealers, this therefore gave the brokers some field days.

Whenever we indicated that the market is dicey, you may need to refrain from the market, except you had a surer source of signals. You must have observed that we had been indicating that market were dicey in those days when most trades went contrary to our predictions. But we made prediction base on the prevailing trends and mostly, most of our enthusiastic fans are keen in reading from our web-log before going to trade. We wouldn't like to leave them aloof, but always warning how dicey the market is, as the time of going to the press!

Do you know what, we still optimistic for North bound, this is because the sund in the sky can still dry the cloth. Check out for stage Iv of today's prediction!

Thanks for reading through this piece of info
We wish our enthusiastic fans more successful and happy trading

Forex market watch as the time of this publication at - 14.29.

GMT - 11.49 HOURS

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