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Monday, October 17, 2011

MONDAY, OCTOBER 17TH 2011 - 37 pips were achieved today

Forex Traders are jealously guided and guarded by this web-log.

We intend to teach how to trade the news on this web-log. Watch out!

Forex Dealers were initially advised to go LONG this morning, but along the line the trend changed and we immediately advised our rave fans to changed direction and they all complied that was how we were able to make 37 pips before the market went down

Below were the forecasts for the early morning trades, in which stages 1 and 2 met the target.
STOP LOSS @....1.3838
BUYING @...............1.3862

@ stage I, TAKE PROFIT: 1.3882………scalping trading=positive
@ stage II, TAKE PROFIT: 1.3899………normal trading=positive
@ stage III, TAKE PROFIT: 1.3920………advance Trading=NEGATIVE
@ stage IV TAKE PROFIT: 1.3955...........aggressive trading=NEGATIVE

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I wish you successful trades.

We appreciate your patronage


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